How to Use the Jelq Device

It takes a few workout sessions to get used to using the JELQ device so don’t expect an absolutely perfect workout until the 3rd or 4th attempt (but then it does start getting really good).

Also it is always better to start off slow and light at first and then increase the intensity as your body adjusts and you become more comfortable with the equipment.

The key to achieving real gains is to consistently fatigue the penis with a thorough workout – and then allow full recovery. By simply repeating this process over time you will see truly remarkable gains. This concept is familiar to anyone who lifts weights or trains at a competitive level. Exercise is always a cumulative process.

However if you don’t recover properly then you won’t see any gains and could risk injury (think of it as the same as bodybuilding in this sense as well).

So you must start slowly. After a while you will begin to recover fully after only 8-12 hours instead of a couple of days. After your workout you might see tiny red and possibly blue dots along the penile shaft and on the glans but this is completely normal.

The penis should also be completely fatigued directly after a workout. It is recommended that you avoid intercourse for at least a few hours afterwards.

Step 1: Warm up
See our article on warming up before jelqing.

Step 2: Basic Jelq Exercises
Get a semi-erection before beginning the exercises. The easiest way to do this is to get a full erection and then let it become flaccid (not all the way though). You should not regain a full erection during the workout – if you do, let it go down before continuing.

1. Hold the JELQ device with one hand on the 2 handles. The other hand should grip the foam rollers.

2. Open the Jelq Device handles, and let the rollers slide on to your penis. Push it to the pubic bone plus a bit further whilst you lightly squeeze the handles. This brings the penis out of the body a little more and brings blood into the penis.

You should be able to feel the balloon slightly jump, this is when you need to firmly grip down and pull out and away from your body. You should be pulling up the penis shaft and towards the glans. To keep the device steady you can keep one hand on the rollers. As you get more comfortable with the device you probably won’t have to do this.

3. A repetition should take around 4 seconds to complete. After some time you’ll develop a natural rhythm. Your grip should be tight enough that the rollers lock up, and only turn very slightly as you pull toward the glans. Once you reach the glans it should be so engorged that there is no way that you could pull the device off without loosening your grip. To focus the exercises on the glans, you can hold this for an additional 3 seconds each rep.

4. Some men prefer to use the device in the shower as the water can provide extra lubrication – it doesn’t matter if the device gets wet.

5. Repeat the above process for 100, or so, repetitions. Then stop and massage the penis and do some manual jelq and stretching while the hot water runs directly on the penis. If you are doing the exercises out of the shower, you may wish to perform a hot wrap in between sets. You should be hanging very large at this point.

6. You should begin by doing only 100 repetitions, or so, per session. After a few sessions you will want to increase both the reps and the intensity of the workout. Many men do 200-250 repetitions every day or every second day.
Even if you’ve reached your goal, you can continue to use the device as the workouts will help achieve massively firm erections and to help you hang better at all times.

Step 3: Advanced Routines
See our article about advanced jelqing exercises.

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The following exercise routines are merely examples of what other JELQ users are doing with the device. You may decide to emulate these, or you may come up with your own exercises. The choice and the responsibility is yours. The makers of the JELQ device accept no responsibility, make no warranties (expressed or implied), and will not be held liable for the safety or the efficacy of this product – whether or not it is used in accordance with its intended function. The JELQ device purchaser and/or user takes absolute responsibility for the use of the JELQ device, and for any effects from using the JELQ device.

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    should i start out doing 3 days a week and work it later 4 to 5 days aweek? And should i use the device more than manuel excersize?

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