Homemade Jelq Device

A home made jelqing device is something that many men consider, but is it really a good idea? You have to consider the advantages and disadvantages before jumping into anything.

You can make a jelq device at home, but there is a risk associated with this. At worst, you could experience injury or long term damage to your penis. So think carefully before deciding whether you should try and make your own jelqing devices at home.

If you don’t create the device properly then you can seriously injure yourself. Anything from short term bruising, to longer term damage to nerves and tissues. This of course means a reduction or even total loss in function of your penis and serious sexual problems when it comes to getting and maintaining an erection.

Home made devices can also lack the detail which professional devices have put years of research and development into, in order to give you the best results.

So is it worth creating a home-made jelq device?
In most cases – the answer is no.

Spending all that time making something that doesn’t produce maximum results is just a waste of your time; not to mention a risk to your health and the function of your penis.

With that said, it’s not impossible to make a good quality home made kit that works well. But you need to know what you’re doing and be prepared to test it on yourself. If you’re not using a design that is known to be safe and effective, it can be quite a risk that many men just don’t want to take – understandably!

What about commercial jelqing products?
There are only a few professional jelq devices available on the market, but they are the result of a lot of research and testing and are optimized for the quickest, safest and best results. That’s what makes them considerably safer and and more reliable than something that the majority of people could try and make at home.

By far the most popular and respected one is the official JELQ Device.

It has been built from the ground up to provide you with noticeable gains in a short time frame, while doing so safely and without the risk of injury when you use it according to the instructions.

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