7 Jelqing Methods

We all know what jelqing is, but did you know that there are several jelq methods or variations?

You can find one that suits you and adapt it to your own personal needs in order to get the best possible penis enhancement result.

Some of the jelqing methods are:

  • 1. Wet Jelq
  • 2. Dry Jelq
  • 3. Uncircumcised Jelqing
  • 4. Stretched Jelqing
  • 5. V-Jelq
  • 6. Power Jelq
  • 7. Glans Buster

What is a Wet Jelq?

A wet jelq is simply the classic jelq where you use lubrication to assist in the motion. We describe how to do this in more depth on dedicated articles on this site.

What is Dry Jelqing?

This is the 2nd most popular method after the wet jelq. You don’t use lubricant with the dry jelq, therefore you wont want to try this until you feel comfortable and have some wet jelqing experience. Most men prefer to use lubricant, however some men claim that a dry jelq can get you better and faster gains – provided you find a way to do it that doesn’t cause pain or injury. Practice makes perfect in this case.

What is Uncircumcised Jelqing?

It is widely believed that foreskin is a drawback to jelqing. Uncircumcised men often let the foreskin collect over the glans, but this can cause unwanted results and even pain due to a build up of fluid.

The better way to do it is to, before beginning a stroke, retract the foreskin by modifying your stroke so that the skin retracts at the start of each new stroke. This requires you to either release the glans fully for each stroke to get a new grip, or release it just enough so that the foreskin retracts underneath your grip. Many uncircumcised men find dry jelqing to be easier than wet jelqing.

What is Stretched Jelqing?

You need 2 hands for this entire exercise. One hand has to provide a light stretch to the grip behind the glans. Your other hand grips the penis base and undertakes a stroke towards your first hand, and you then release the grip and return your hand to the penis base.

The stretch comes from the hand that is gripping behind the glans, with the most pressure being applied to the sides using the OK overhand grip or even the middle finger & index finger style grip – whichever you are more comfortable with.

What is a V-Jelq?

If vein definition is what you’re after, then the V-Jelq is a good place to start. Just like its namesake, you have to shape your middle and index fingers into a V shape. On the upper side of the penis press the base with your V shaped fingers. Make sure your other hand is cupped right underneath it.

Then move both hands slowly towards the glans and hold for 1-2 seconds. You should feel some pressure here if you’ve done it right. Repeat this exercise as required for excellent girth gains and vein definition improvement.

What is a Power Jelq?

This is the best exercise to increase the width (girth) of your penis. You should aim to do this with a 70% or so erection. You do the “ok” sign with your hand and grab the penis base.

Then you do 5 or so very fast kegels, then slowly pull up towards the base of the penis head (this should take about 3 seconds). Repeat this process with your other hand.

What is the Glans Buster?

This is a great exercise for girth and head gains. Your penis should be about 70% erect for this jelq.
Grab your penis base with the OK grip then do a hard kegel.
Follow this with a 4 second jelq and hold this for 10 seconds. Your glans will now be quite pumped. You can now release and repeat.

The jelq method that you focus on will depend upon your goal – for example if you are particularly concerned about penis girth (width) then doing Power Jelqs is a good option.

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