Ultimate Guide to Jelqing for Natural Penis Enhancement

How Often Should You Jelq?

Knowing how often to jelq is one of the keys to getting the best possible results.

Do it too often, and you could injure yourself. And if you don’t do jelqing regularly enough, you won’t get anywhere.

So what is the balance and is there an ideal or recommended number of times that you should do jelqing exercises each week or month?

Like any form of exercises, jelqing needs to be done regularly if you want to make your penis grow to the size that you want. Progress can only be made with regular and committed action. There is no point doing jelqing exercises a few times here and there and expecting super duper results. The key is definitely consistency!

Just as you won’t lose weight by exercising once or twice a month when you feel like it, your penis won’t grow and improve through jelqing unless you have a penis workout routine that you can stick to.

Before you even start working out your jelq routine, you need to know exactly you’re trying to achieve with all this. Some men just want size increases, while others want to improve overall performance. For most men though, the goal will be to improve penis size, appearance, functionality AND performance all at once.

Consider these outcomes of a proper and consistent jelqing program that is undertaken with the right techniques:

  • More and better blood flow to the penis. This means bigger, harder erections.
  • Add increased length to the penis.
  • Add girth (width) to the penis.
  • Maintain erections for longer with a penis that is “fitter” and “stronger”.

Everyone is different, but aiming to do your jelqing exercises twice weekly in the beginning stages is a good target. Starting off slowly allows you to gauge how the process affects you, and whether your techniques are causing any discomfort. After several weeks you’ll be able to tell whether everything is going well – and that’s when you can start to increase your jelqing frequency.

A lot of guys like to stick to a frequency of three days per week. This gives plenty of in between time to recover and improve before the next session. Remember, like any type of exercise, your body (in this case, your penis), needs time to recover in between workouts!

As time goes on and you want to enhance your results further, you might move to increasing your jelq workouts to 4 days per week. By this stage you will want to have a technique and routine that you know is working well, and that is done properly and safely. Great technique is the key to great results!

How long should you jelq at each session?
Some guys will start out at only 5-10 minutes per session in the beginning.

As you gain experience and confidence, your sessions can increase up to 30 minutes and beyond at a time. Some guys will do up to a hour.

Obviously, if you want to jelq for such long periods, you need to be certain your technique is spot on so you don’t wear out your member or cause injury. This is easy once you’ve got the practice and experience and know exactly what you’re doing. Practice makes perfect, and that rule definitely applies to jelqing too!

Do what you are comfortable with. That really is the key here. You will find that as time goes on, you will know your limits and you will know the frequency that gives you the best results from your jelqing.

Is Jelqing Safe?

You might have read a few things about the risks associated with jelqing. But is jelqing really safe or are you putting your penis at risk of injury?

The short answer is that like most forms of exercise (and jelqing can certainly be considered exercise), jelqing is as safe as you make it.

In other words, when done with the right techniques it is totally safe to do.

If you go beyond your limits and force your body to do things that are uncomfortable or painful, that’s when jelqing can become unsafe. It’s as simple as that.

Potential Risks of Doing Jelqing Wrong, or Doing Too Much Jelqing

Again, like with any form of exercise or bodily movements, if you do too much or do it the wrong way, you’re at a high risk of injuring yourself. This can happen with jelqing, and you might have come across posts or comments around the web from men who speak about damage to their glans after they have doing jelqing over a long period of time.

Others have reported pain, loss of sensitivity in the penis, and erection problems from nerve and tissue damage. While these issues are often not permanent, they can certainly be worrying and distressing for any man who might experience them.

In many of these cases it is likely then men were not following safe jelqing techniques. This is a recipe for injury and proves that if you want to get results, and do so without hurting yourself in any way, you absolutely must jelq the right way. That can often mean using accessories or even jelq assistance devices which have been designed to work safely and effectively.

How to Jelq Properly

Knowing how to jelq safely will mean the difference between seeing results and getting injured (which is more common than you might think).

How Often to Jelq?
As each week goes on you can perform more jelq strokes, and for longer periods. Aim to do it everyday if possible as this will give you the best results.

How Long to Jelq?
If you are doing it all manually then you’ll probably spend at least 30 minutes per day jelqing.

Although you don’t ever have to stop jelqing, look at this as a semi-long term project – you will see some excellent results in 4-6 months (but gradual results along the way as well).

How to Dry Jelq
Dry jelqing is simply performing the exercises without any lubricant. It is only recommended to try this after you have mastered wet jelqing, as the risk for injury is higher. Many men get best results from a combination of both dry and wet jelqing but you certainly don’t have to attempt dry if you are not comfortable with it.

Video of How to Jelq
There are a number of videos on Youtube and other sites that instruct on how to jelq – unfortunately virtually all of these exist simply to promote a website or product, so I won’t be linking to them. If you want to see proper videos, not those done by amateurs, then I recommend actually purchasing a professional DVD or membership.

There are some risks associated with jelqing if it is not done properly. These include:

  • Burst blood vessels
  • Urethra bleeding
  • Erectile dysfunction

These risks should not alarm you, but rather should motivate you to seek out proper techniques and to learn how to jelq correctly.


  • Like any exercise, it must be done properly to avoid injuries.
  • Don’t jelq with an erection
  • Always use enough lubricant
  • Complete your warm up exercises before starting and warm down afterwards
  • Never squeeze the penis too hard

How to Jelq Safely

Once you know how to jelq safely and properly you will see quicker, more noticeable results and importantly, you won’t risk injuring yourself by jelqing the wrong way.


How often should you jelq? This is one of the most common questions that men have. There’s no need to jelq every single day without a break. In fact, this can do much more harm than good. Aim to have at least 2 days per week where you do NO jelqing, i.e. they are your “days off”. This gives your body time to recover and repair.


Number one rule of jelqing: Use a SOFT grip. You’ve most likely made the mistake of using a grip that is too firm?
Don’t worry, but from now on relax your grip. You should also slow down your jelq because that, combined with a looser grip, increases the safety of the entire routine and ensures you won’t have an injury. Injuries not only hurt but they also slow down the growth process of your penis. That’s the last thing you want to happen.

“No Pain, No Gain”?

This rule might apply to bodybuilding and strengthening every other muscle in your body, but it does NOT apply to your penis!

If you experience pain during or after jelqing, it’s not a good thing. It does not mean you are gaining width and length, it just means you’ve injured yourself. So don’t be fooled into thinking that “no pain, no gain” is true when it comes to natural penis enlargement – it definitely isn’t.

Session Length

Your sessions should go for around 15 minutes at a time BUT that certainly doesn’t mean you should do it all at once without stopping.

One way to get great results is to do short 5 minute sets and then a little 2 minute warm up in between.

In total this will get your entire session to the 20 minute or so mark, with around 10-15 minutes of that being jelqing and around 15 minutes being warm up both before and during your jelqs.

Afterwards you need to cool down. You can do this by doing light stretches with lukewarm water.

Some men might like to do a little more than 15-30 minutes of jelqing per day. That’s fine but whatever you do don’t go over 60 minutes of jelqing per day.

There is no benefit to it, you won’t gain faster and you simply increase your chance of injury. Less can be more when it comes to penis gain.


There are only risks if you don’t jelq properly. Following the advice in this article will minimize your risk to zero. To sum up:

  • Use a soft grip
  • Always warm up and warm down
  • Slow jelqing is better and safer than doing it fast
  • Use enough lubricant at all times
  • Never jelq while you have a full erection

Knowing how to jelq safely is the first and most important step to get gains as fast as possible without causing long term injury to your penis.

Jelqing Techniques

There are several jelqing techniques often recommended, but the most common is the basic wet jelq. This involves using lubrication during the exercise.

The dry jelq does not use lube and can often cause injury if you are inexperienced.

Warming Up
You should always complete a warm up before starting any jelq technique. You don’t want to cause any injuries and this is the best way to avoid that from happening. A warm down (or cool down) after your routine is also advisable.

A good penis enlargement program should start slowly. Like any exercise, you have to build up your strength in order to get best results, and jelqing is no different.

Keep in mind this one rule: penis exercises should never hurt!

You should be giving your penis a solid workout, but it has to recover afterwards. This can mean waiting days in between workouts if you are just starting out.

With more practice, you’ll eventually be able do your jelqing techniques everyday as you will recover faster.

Concentrate on your form at first, learn the routines, and then increase the intensity as your body allows you to do so.

The easiest way to ensure that you are doing jelqing 100% correctly and safely is by using the JELQ device. It leaves nothing to chance, and makes it easy to undertake the right jelqing techniques every single time.

It is through uniformity (doing it the same way every time) that you will achieve the results that you want.

Homemade Jelq Devices

A home made jelqing device is something that many men consider, but is it really a good idea? You have to consider the advantages and disadvantages before jumping into anything.

You can make a jelq device at home, but there is a risk associated with this. At worst, you could experience injury or long term damage to your penis. So think carefully before deciding whether you should try and make your own jelqing devices at home.

If you don’t create the device properly then you can seriously injure yourself. Anything from short term bruising, to longer term damage to nerves and tissues. This of course means a reduction or even total loss in function of your penis and serious sexual problems when it comes to getting and maintaining an erection.

Home made devices can also lack the detail which professional devices have put years of research and development into, in order to give you the best results.

So is it worth creating a home-made jelq device?
In most cases – the answer is no.

Spending all that time making something that doesn’t produce maximum results is just a waste of your time; not to mention a risk to your health and the function of your penis.

With that said, it’s not impossible to make a good quality home made kit that works well. But you need to know what you’re doing and be prepared to test it on yourself. If you’re not using a design that is known to be safe and effective, it can be quite a risk that many men just don’t want to take – understandably!

What about commercial jelqing products?
There are only a few professional jelq devices available on the market, but they are the result of a lot of research and testing and are optimized for the quickest, safest and best results. That’s what makes them considerably safer and and more reliable than something that the majority of people could try and make at home.

By far the most popular and respected one is the official JELQ Device.

It has been built from the ground up to provide you with noticeable gains in a short time frame, while doing so safely and without the risk of injury when you use it according to the instructions.

Click here to find out more about what the JELQ Device can do for you.

Penis Enlargement Devices vs Jelqing

We all know about penis enlargement products – most of them simply don’t work.

But how do they compare to jelqing? are you better off forking out hundreds of dollars on a potentially dangerous product and hope for results, or stick to more natural methods?

Obviously you know I am a big fan of jelqing for several reasons:

1. Its safe when you do it right
2. It’s fast and easy
3. It’s free
4. It works

Some of the devices that you might have considered trying would include:

– Pumps
– Weights
– Pills
– Patches
– Stretching machines

All of the above penis enlargement devices have the potential to cause major problems with your manhood, and with your overall health. Therefore I can not recommend them.

Benefits of Penis Enhancement Exercises

1. 100% Safe

Exercises are safe (provided you do the right ones). They will not cause any adverse health problems, side effects or ruin your penile function.

2. No to low cost

Doing exercises in your own home does not cost a cent. Once you know the exact method of exercising you just do it when you have a few spare minutes. There is no cost in money or time to get the results you are craving for. Yes, if you use a device like the Jelq Device, there is a small one off financial outlay. However this is a small investment in the scheme of things.

3. Increases Length + Width

Unlike all other forms of enlargement, exercise is the only one that works to enhance both the length and the width of your penis. Increased penile length is the most common target of other methods but unless you increase the width of the shaft, your partner will never be satisfied!

Now that you know WHY exercise is the very best male enlargement practice, you just need to find out the absolute best exercises for you, and you will then have a precise answer for the question ‘what exercise can I do to get a larger penis?”.

Jelqing Devices

The JELQ device is a revolutionary product that takes the slowness away from gaining a larger and fuller penis through jelqing.

Jelqing itself has been around for a long time, but there has always been one downfall:

Jelqing manually is effective, but time consuming.

The jelq is one of the core exercises of most penis exercise programs. By using the JELQ device you can ensure you use the correct tension every time without your arms tiring.

This brings on your gains faster and reduces the possibility of injury.

Does the JELQ Device Really Work?

If you follow the instructions and use it correctly then the JELQ device will deliver results faster and more efficiently than if you were to continue jelqing manually using only your hand.

Click here to discover more about what the JELQ device can do for you

Advanced Jelqing Exercises

If you are using the JELQ device then there are two extra advanced jelqing routines that you can perform, that are much harder to do without the device.

Each should be performed only as a supplement to the basic routine.

These are:

– Stretching Routine
– Power Squeeze

Stretching Routine

Start with a loose handle grip on the JELQ device and then allow the rollers to slide just below the penis head.
With your other hand pull back the foreskin so that the device rollers are resting just below the glans ride.

Then just gently squeeze the handles and pull straight away from your body. Hold this for up to 45 seconds.

You will be able to feel a slight pull in the base penis ligaments. After you have held this position for 45 seconds, give your penis a gentle shake whilst gripping it at the base. This encourages circulation.

You can then perform the above by also going to the left, right, up and down for an all round workout.

Power Squeeze

This is a revised version of the basic jelqing method. Using the Jelq device, you have to get the point in the basic routine where
the rollers are slightly below the glans, and the glans is
completely engorged with blood. At this point, to achieve the Power Squeeze, you squeeze slightly harder on the handles and thrust the pelvis outward while tightening
the anus.

You might see that this is actually similar to the kegel exercise. The result is added glans gains and many guys note that after doing Power Squeezes for some time, they achieve the much sought after “mushroom tip”. This is when your penis head is slightly larger than the rest of your penile shaft – a look and feel that your partner will love.

Doing advanced jelq exercises is mandatory if you want ultimate results. You can do it all manually, but it is easier, faster and more effective with the JELQ device.

Other Types of Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing exercises have one goal: to improve the shape, size and performance of your penis.
They are a natural and safe way to stimulate your penis to allow more blood to flow through – this is the basis for jelq exercise methods.

How To Do Jelqing Exercises

Check out our jelqing techniques page for instructions on how to jelq properly and safely.

What Are Arabic Jelqing Exercises?

This is an old Arabian technique of jelqing that has the aim of increasing the blood flow through the penis to improve its size and performance. Jelqing itself is believed to have originated from ancient Arabs who had a tradition of showing their sons how to jelq, or milk the penis, in order to improve sexual performance! The technique is very much the same as the standard jelq that is recommended today, in addition to a warm towel warm-up and warm-down.

What’s the Difference Between Jelq and Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises are very different to jelqing. Kegels are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (and are often completed by pregnant women to prepare for childbirth). Jelqing has the aim of improving penile appearance and performance.

Men who have incontinence or who have had prostate surgery can benefit from kegel exercises.

Jelqing Exercise Videos

Looking around the internet for a video showing jelqing methods and techniques, you’ll mostly find clips that have the goal of promoting some product. So I’ve tried to track down some videos that AREN’T simply blatant product promotions.

Top 7 Jelqing Methods

We all know what jelqing is, but did you know that there are several jelq methods or variations?

You can find one that suits you and adapt it to your own personal needs in order to get the best possible penis enhancement result.

Some of the best jelqing methods are:

  • 1. Wet Jelq
  • 2. Dry Jelq
  • 3. Uncircumcised Jelqing
  • 4. Stretched Jelqing
  • 5. V-Jelq
  • 6. Power Jelq
  • 7. Glans Buster

What is a Wet Jelq?

A wet jelq is simply the classic jelq where you use lubrication to assist in the motion. We describe how to do this in more depth on dedicated articles on this site.

What is Dry Jelqing?

This is the 2nd most popular method after the wet jelq. You don’t use lubricant with the dry jelq, therefore you wont want to try this until you feel comfortable and have some wet jelqing experience. Most men prefer to use lubricant, however some men claim that a dry jelq can get you better and faster gains – provided you find a way to do it that doesn’t cause pain or injury. Practice makes perfect in this case.

What is Uncircumcised Jelqing?

It is widely believed that foreskin is a drawback to jelqing. Uncircumcised men often let the foreskin collect over the glans, but this can cause unwanted results and even pain due to a build up of fluid.

The better way to do it is to, before beginning a stroke, retract the foreskin by modifying your stroke so that the skin retracts at the start of each new stroke. This requires you to either release the glans fully for each stroke to get a new grip, or release it just enough so that the foreskin retracts underneath your grip. Many uncircumcised men find dry jelqing to be easier than wet jelqing.

What is Stretched Jelqing?

You need 2 hands for this entire exercise. One hand has to provide a light stretch to the grip behind the glans. Your other hand grips the penis base and undertakes a stroke towards your first hand, and you then release the grip and return your hand to the penis base.

The stretch comes from the hand that is gripping behind the glans, with the most pressure being applied to the sides using the OK overhand grip or even the middle finger & index finger style grip – whichever you are more comfortable with.

What is a V-Jelq?

If vein definition is what you’re after, then the V-Jelq is a good place to start. Just like its namesake, you have to shape your middle and index fingers into a V shape. On the upper side of the penis press the base with your V shaped fingers. Make sure your other hand is cupped right underneath it.

Then move both hands slowly towards the glans and hold for 1-2 seconds. You should feel some pressure here if you’ve done it right. Repeat this exercise as required for excellent girth gains and vein definition improvement.

What is a Power Jelq?

This is the best exercise to increase the width (girth) of your penis. You should aim to do this with a 70% or so erection. You do the “ok” sign with your hand and grab the penis base.

Then you do 5 or so very fast kegels, then slowly pull up towards the base of the penis head (this should take about 3 seconds). Repeat this process with your other hand.

What is the Glans Buster?

This is a great exercise for girth and head gains. Your penis should be about 70% erect for this jelq.
Grab your penis base with the OK grip then do a hard kegel.
Follow this with a 4 second jelq and hold this for 10 seconds. Your glans will now be quite pumped. You can now release and repeat.

The jelq method that you focus on will depend upon your goal – for example if you are particularly concerned about penis girth (width) then doing Power Jelqs is a good option.

Jelqing Warm Up Ideas

Before you begin penile exercise jelqing there are a few things you should consider doing to warm up and avoid injury.


For those of you who are experienced, you already know this, but it is important to shave around the base of the penis before beginning any type of jelqing or milking routine. This will prevent chafing and uncomfortable hair pulling during the exercise.

Hot Wrap

It is very important before beginning that you maximize circulation to the penis. There is a lot of information on the web with regard to using a “hot wrap” to prepare the penis for enlargement exercise.

The basic hot wrap technique is to soak a washcloth in hot water and wrap it around the penis for a few minutes, massage, and then repeat. This should be done until the penis is thoroughly engorged with blood and all surrounding muscles and ligaments are completely relaxed.


It is important to use lubrication, but using too much will cause slipping and sliding, and will not allow for a good workout. The best way to overcome this is to lube up using baby oil or simply pure vitamin E oil, then to wash it off with water only. The small amount of remaining lubrication will provide the best results particularly if you are using the JELQ device.

Additionally, you can use any type of water or petroleum based lubricant if you prefer. The foam covering the rollers is made of tough closed-cell polyethylene and won’t absorb water or lubricant.

Warming Up

Always start by warming up the penile tissue. The easiest way to do this is to get into a hot shower and allow the water to spray directly on the genitals for several minutes. Alternatively, if you are not doing the exercises in the shower, you can use a hot wrap for warming up.

To make the hot wrap, fill the sink basin with extremely hot water. Take a clean washcloth and soak it in the hot water. Remove the washcloth from the water, and wring out the excess. Next, wrap the hot washcloth completely around the penis covering from the base all the way to the tip of the glans. Allow this to sit until it becomes cool, and then repeat 2 or 3 times.


After the hot wrap has warmed the penile tissue completely (the penis should feel heavy from the increased circulation), begin stretching and massaging the penis with your hand. This can be done in or out of the shower, depending on whichever is most convenient for you.

Begin by grasping the penis just below the glans (head or tip). Gently pull the penis to the right, try to relax completely, you should feel a slight stretch in the ligaments directly below the base of the penis. Hold this stretch for 10-30 seconds, and then relax. Next, grasp the penis loosely at the base and shake it back and forth allowing it to regain good circulation. Finally, repeat the above stretch to the left, up, down, and straight out from the body.

Many guys typically start while waiting for the water to warm up. Additionally, you can do a few hand jelqing exercises at first to get the penis engorged and ready for a good workout.

The hand jelqing exercises are done by forming the “OK” grip with your hand. Begin at the base of the penis, tighten the grip, and pull outward toward the glans (head or tip) of the penis. For obvious reasons, this is also referred to as “milking” the penis.

How to Use the Jelq Device

It takes a few workout sessions to get used to using the JELQ device so don’t expect an absolutely perfect workout until the 3rd or 4th attempt (but then it does start getting really good).

Also it is always better to start off slow and light at first and then increase the intensity as your body adjusts and you become more comfortable with the equipment.

The key to achieving real gains is to consistently fatigue the penis with a thorough workout – and then allow full recovery. By simply repeating this process over time you will see truly remarkable gains. This concept is familiar to anyone who lifts weights or trains at a competitive level. Exercise is always a cumulative process.

However if you don’t recover properly then you won’t see any gains and could risk injury (think of it as the same as bodybuilding in this sense as well).

So you must start slowly. After a while you will begin to recover fully after only 8-12 hours instead of a couple of days. After your workout you might see tiny red and possibly blue dots along the penile shaft and on the glans but this is completely normal.

The penis should also be completely fatigued directly after a workout. It is recommended that you avoid intercourse for at least a few hours afterwards.

Step 1: Warm up
See our article on warming up before jelqing.

Step 2: Basic Jelq Exercises
Get a semi-erection before beginning the exercises. The easiest way to do this is to get a full erection and then let it become flaccid (not all the way though). You should not regain a full erection during the workout – if you do, let it go down before continuing.

1. Hold the JELQ device with one hand on the 2 handles. The other hand should grip the foam rollers.

2. Open the Jelq Device handles, and let the rollers slide on to your penis. Push it to the pubic bone plus a bit further whilst you lightly squeeze the handles. This brings the penis out of the body a little more and brings blood into the penis.

You should be able to feel the balloon slightly jump, this is when you need to firmly grip down and pull out and away from your body. You should be pulling up the penis shaft and towards the glans. To keep the device steady you can keep one hand on the rollers. As you get more comfortable with the device you probably won’t have to do this.

3. A repetition should take around 4 seconds to complete. After some time you’ll develop a natural rhythm. Your grip should be tight enough that the rollers lock up, and only turn very slightly as you pull toward the glans. Once you reach the glans it should be so engorged that there is no way that you could pull the device off without loosening your grip. To focus the exercises on the glans, you can hold this for an additional 3 seconds each rep.

4. Some men prefer to use the device in the shower as the water can provide extra lubrication – it doesn’t matter if the device gets wet.

5. Repeat the above process for 100, or so, repetitions. Then stop and massage the penis and do some manual jelq and stretching while the hot water runs directly on the penis. If you are doing the exercises out of the shower, you may wish to perform a hot wrap in between sets. You should be hanging very large at this point.

6. You should begin by doing only 100 repetitions, or so, per session. After a few sessions you will want to increase both the reps and the intensity of the workout. Many men do 200-250 repetitions every day or every second day.
Even if you’ve reached your goal, you can continue to use the device as the workouts will help achieve massively firm erections and to help you hang better at all times.

The exercise techniques described in this article are merely examples of what other JELQ users are doing with the device. You may decide to emulate these, or you may come up with your own exercises. The choice and the responsibility is yours. The makers of the JELQ device accept no responsibility, make no warranties (expressed or implied), and will not be held liable for the safety or the efficacy of this product – whether or not it is used in accordance with its intended function. The JELQ device purchaser and/or user takes absolute responsibility for the use of the JELQ device, and for any effects from using the JELQ device.