How Often Should You Jelq?

Knowing how often to jelq is one of the keys to getting the best possible results.

Do it too often, and you could injure yourself. And if you don’t do jelqing regularly enough, you won’t get anywhere.

So what is the balance and is there an ideal or recommended number of times that you should do jelqing exercises each week or month? Read more »

Is Jelqing Safe?

You might have read a few things about the risks associated with jelqing. But is jelqing really safe or are you putting your penis at risk of injury?

The short answer is that like most forms of exercise (and jelqing can certainly be considered exercise), jelqing is as safe as you make it.

In other words, when done with the right techniques it is totally safe to do. Read more »

What Exercise Can I Do To Get a Larger Penis?

If you are asking the question “what exercise can I do to get a larger penis?”, you will be pleased to know that it IS possible to enlarge your manhood through exercises but ONLY if you perform the right ones. There is a particular method of exercising your penile area to achieve maximum length and width gains – and if you do it wrong you are at risk of not only disappointment, but injury as well. Read more »

How to Jelq Safely

Once you know how to jelq safely and properly you will see quicker, more noticeable results and importantly, you won’t risk injuring yourself by jelqing the wrong way.

How often should you jelq? This is one of the most common questions that men have. There’s no need to jelq every single day without a break. In fact, this can do much more harm than good. Aim to have at least 2 days per week where you do NO jelqing, i.e. they are your “days off”. This gives your body time to recover and repair. Read more »